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Previous Classes

Class of 2022

Tana Greene of MyWorkChoice

Michael Praeger of AvidXchange

Class of 2020

Doug Lebda of LendingTree

Ed Weisiger, Sr. & Ed Weisiger, Jr. of CTE

Class of 2019

Bill Barnhardt of Barnhardt Elastic Corp.

John Crosland, Jr. of Crosland (posthumously)

Dee & Rick Ray of Raycom Sports

Class of 2018

Stuart & Alan (posthumously) Dickson of Ruddick Corporation

Roger Milliken of Milliken & Company (posthumously)

Class of 2017

Erskine Bowles of Bowles Hollowel Connor & Co. and Carousel Capital

Charles W. Coker of Sonoco Products Company

Harvey B. Gantt of Gantt Huberman Architects

Class of 2016

Ric Elias of Red Ventures

Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Automotive Group

Anita G. Zucker of The InterTech Group, Inc.

Class of 2015

Charles A. Cannon of Cannon Mills (posthumously)

David H. Jones of Peak 10

Patricia & B. D. (posthumously) Rodgers of Rodgers Builders

Class of 2014

Hugh L. McColl, Jr. of Bank of America

Temple Sloan, Jr. of General Parts International, Inc.

Craig Wall, Sr. & Craig Wall, Jr. of Canal Industries (posthumously)

Class of 2013

Joe L. Dudley, Sr. & Eunice M. Dudley of Dudley Products, Inc.

Francis M. Hipp of Liberty Corporation (posthumously)

Charles M. Shelton & R. Edwin Shelton of The Shelton Companies

Class of 2012

George Dean Johnson, Jr. of Johnson Management

Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter of Pace Communications

Joan & Robert Zimmerman of Southern Shows, Inc.

Class of 2011

Herman Blumenthal of Radiator Specialty and NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center (posthumously)

Wayland H. Cato, Jr. of The Cato Corporation

Jim Goodnight of SAS

Class of 2010

Ralph Ketner of Food Lion

Leon Levine of Family Dollar Stores

Jerry Richardson of Spartan Foods and the Carolina Panthers

Founding Class

William Henry Belk of Belk, Inc. (posthumously)

James Edgar Broyhill of Broyhill Furniture Industries (posthumously)

Thomas H. Davis of Piedmont Airlines (posthumously)

James B. Duke of Duke Power Co. (posthumously)

J. Reynolds of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (posthumously)

Leroy Springs of Springs Cotton Mills (posthumously)

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