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Heather Manolas, DNP, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing
Presbyterian School of Nursing


Dr. Heather Manolas is very passionate about teaching as well as the role she plays in impacting the quality of care in her community. Dr. Manolas began her career as an associate degree nurse in 2007, working in a General Surgery/Surgical Trauma unit and in the ER at a safety net hospital in Orlando. She earned a master’s degree in nursing education from Walden University in 2014, and later earned her doctorate in nursing practice with a focus on executive leadership from University of St. Augustine. She has achieved all of this while raising her son alone, so she is no stranger to the challenges of parenthood/life challenges while working full time and attending school full time! Dr. Manolas has an interest in improving delirium detection and prevention in those living with Alzheimer’s, in hope of reducing the incidence of delirium-related mortality and morbidity in this population.