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About the Honors Program

What is the Academic Honors Program?

Joining the Academic Honors Program is a wonderful opportunity to broaden and enhance your education at Queens. Because students from all majors complete this program, you can meet like-minded peers and interact with them both inside and outside the classroom. The program is designed to offer flexibility while challenging creative and academically gifted students to broaden and deepen their educational experiences.

The academic experience begins with an introductory seminar exploring current topics, supporting reflection, and building writing skills. Then, you participate in one-credit-hour seminars with varied topics. The most exciting experience, however, is the opportunity for you to “honorize” two courses in their major. This allows you to work with faculty mentors to complete projects of your choice. Through “honorization”, you will complete meaningful community-based learning experiences, complete research projects, or do both. You will also have the opportunity to present your honors project findings at campus events, conferences, and in student/professional journals.

In your final year at Queens, you will complete two designated honors courses that allow you to apply knowledge gathered in previous coursework. Upon completion of the Academic Honors Program requirements, the words “With University Honors” are added to your diploma.

How much work is there?

The program is designed to be manageable to students, even those choosing to add minors, double major, pursue a professional degree, or are student-athletes. The honors requirements overlap with general education courses, reducing the total number of credit hours required. And the “honorization” process gives you the creative flexibility to individualize the program to your academic and personal interests.

What are the perks?

There are many benefits to joining the Academic Honors Program, including:

  • Priority registration for classes.
  • Honors housing in Hayes Resident Hall, including participation in the Living Learning Community.
  • Dedicated study and meeting spaces throughout one’s academic journey.
  • Advising for competitive awards and scholarships.
  • Honors events that take place outside the classroom.
  • Additional opportunities for high achieving students.

Admission to the Program

New Students

All new students who meet the academic and GPA requirements may apply for the Academic Honors Program. Please work with your admissions counselor on eligibility and application requirements. The deadline is March 1 each academic year.

Current Students

All current students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.35 after any semester, including the first, may also apply for acceptance into the program.

Students in must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.35 for courses taken at Queens to remain in the Honors Program and graduate with this distinction on their diplomas.