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Honor Code

The Honor Code at Queens University of Charlotte is the keystone of the university’s belief that its students should act honorably and responsibly in all aspects of life, both on and off campus. The Honor Code is based on the principle that a spirit of trust should pervade all aspects of student life. Its essence is that any violation of the Honor Code is an offense against the community.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Honor Code is to assist in the development of mature men and women who act responsibly at all times and promote a community based on the principles of responsible citizenship, mutual trust, and respect.

An effective Honor Code depends upon each student adhering to the spirit and letter of its principles. It demands accountability on the part of each student for his or her actions. Queens students are responsible for their personal conduct at all times and shall be subject to review, including possible suspension, for behavior that discredits themselves or the University.

As a commitment to this system of honor, students are asked to sign the Honor Code as part of the Sed Ministrare Ceremony.

Student Pledge

As a member of the Queens community,

I will endeavor to create a spirit of integrity

And honor for its own sake at Queens University of Charlotte.

Academic pledge: I pledge truthfulness and absolute honesty in the performance of all academic work.

Community pledge: I pledge to be truthful at all times, to treat others with respect, to respect the property of others, and to adhere to university policies.

Accepting both the privileges and responsibilities of living by this code of honor, I resolve to uphold this code and not to tolerate any violations of its spirit or principles.