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Portfolium (Queens ePortfolio) is an online portfolio system that allows students to archive examples of their academic work and experiences in college. Portfolium is a cross between a social media platform and an archive of artifacts so that students can make their identity, knowledge, and skills visible to any audience they choose, including employers, graduate schools, peers, faculty, and staff.

“Artifacts of Learning”

Work samples such as papers, presentations, projects, audio & video files, sketches, designs, essays, photo galleries, etc. are great contributions to a Portfolium account. We call these things “artifacts of learning”.

Why Have an ePortfolio as a Student?

An ePortfolio allows you to organize, document, and display your most significant learning experiences all in one digital space. Once you build a solid portfolio with examples of your best work and experiences, you essentially have a website that is dedicated to your learning at Queens. Then, you can share your portfolio with anyone you think might be interested in seeing it – such as potential employers.

Queens students keep access to their Portfolium accounts after they graduate. As long as they keep their Queens email address, they can use it to log into Portfolium. Once a graduate no longer wishes to use their Queens email account, they can go into “Settings” and change the email address and password associated with the account.

When do Students get their Portfolium accounts?

Students get their accounts when they enter as first-year students. Traditional first-year students take a course called Roadmap in their first semester, during which they learn about the many resources at Queens, including the Portfolium tool, and ways of thinking that lead to success in college.

Support, Resources, and Tutorials

Invitations to create a Portfolium account are delivered via email to new members of the Queens community, and can also be created using Queens login credentials at

For questions regarding login, usage, tips, coaching sessions, etc., contact the Queens Portfolium team at

Need help getting started? Here are some short video tutorials on how to navigate Portfolium as it is used at Queens.

ePortfolio Coaches

The Center for Student Success has Queens students that can provide ePortfolio coaching. Visit the Center for more information.

Other Questions

Students have many options and full control over the privacy settings on their Portfolium account. Some of these privacy options include: ‘private’, ‘visible to members of the Queens community’, ‘visible to certain people only’ and ‘publicly viewable on the web to anyone’. More specific options also exist, such as making only certain parts of the portfolio visible.

The difference between Portfolium and LinkedIn is similar to the difference between someone’s personal website and their LinkedIn page – one (Portfolium) is a deep drill-down into identity, products, examples, experiences, stories, etc. and the other (LinkedIn) is a site that facilitates professional connections, networking and job searches. Both are valuable, but they serve different purposes. Students can link back and forth between the two platforms by placing a link to the other platform on the homepage of each site. That way, traffic is generated between the two platforms. For more insight into this question, visit our friends at the Vandiver Center for Career Development.

The fact is that any ideas or products that can be found in a public domain can potentially be taken by someone else. However, this possibility can be minimized by converting all important papers, documents, etc. to PDF format. This is a relatively simple step that can make plagiarism much more difficult.