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The Noble Fellowship

The Noble Fellowship, an endowed fellowship at Queens University of Charlotte, was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Jerry H. Greenhoot and the late Dr. Kathryn W. Greenhoot. The program is named for Noble Hines, whose life and values expressed the concept of “paying it forward” long before it was defined elsewhere. His contributions were multiplied by the lives he influenced well beyond those people he knew or intended to assist. In gratitude and recognition of Noble Hines’ gifts, the Greenhoots created the Noble Fellowship, a scholarship dedicated to continuing excellence and academic growth for upperclassmen and faculty at Queens.

In several ways, the Fellowship is unique in that it acts as an enabling stipend to allow the pursuit of a specific project. The Noble Fellowship is entirely merit-based and is neither a reward nor recognition of past achievement but is given in anticipation of work to come. The potential academic projects are completely up to the individual and are countless.

The Goal

The goal of the Noble Fellowship is to encourage and mentor students and faculty as they prepare for a lifetime of creative and generous work. The Fellowship consists of individuals who demonstrate merit in their lives and their scholarship and anticipate lifelong contributions to the arts, science, teaching, or public service. Fellows are chosen from people of the highest intellectual curiosity, character, depth, and breadth of thought, and life interests.

Characteristics of a Noble Fellow

  • Demonstrates commitment and capability in his/her chosen academic field.
  • Demonstrates potential for leadership, intellectual aptitude, and scholarly achievement at Queens or to the greater community.
  • Owns a desire to initiate and complete a specific academic project which requires funding.
  • Displays upstanding moral character, absolute integrity, and intellectual honesty.
  • Owns a broad “worldview” extending beyond themselves. A Fellow is to be a “Soul of Honor.”
  • Demonstrates potential for future offerings to, the Fellowship program, the University, and American society.
  • Demonstrates willingness to accept the lifetime commitment and obligations of the Fellowship, as well as its rewards.

“As a faculty Noble fellow, I will serve with honor and dedication, and look forward to fostering a fellowship of student and faculty scholars at Queens. I will mentor student fellows, seeking ways to present experiences that will challenge and prepare them for the future, in a manner reminiscent of how Noble Hines encouraged and inspired Drs. Jerry H. and Kathryn W. Greenhoot. I will commit myself to scholarship on creative literacy and its educational impact in crafting noble citizens for this world.”

Professor Siu Challons-Lipton

Noble Fellows at Queens

John Bennett, Faculty Fellow, Professor of Business

Academic Project: Dr. Bennett will conduct research studying the influence of lived experience on the work of award-winning professional chefs, which will build on his previous research conducted in the context of scholar-practitioners in the field of organization development. This will result in a peer-reviewed journal manuscript. He is currently entering this work intending to produce a book manuscript.

Astrid Bridgwood, Fellow ‘24

Academic Project: Astrid is currently working with the Noble Fellowship to investigate inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller’s studies of art and science. She seeks to apply Fuller’s pedagogical practices and personal philosophies to a modern-day student’s experience of the liberal arts. She is creating an extensive research paper on the subject, split into three sections, each exploring a different aspect of Fuller’s philosophy and its potential practical applications within contemporary academia, using Fuller’s own writing as a primary resource. Her ultimate goal is to understand how a liberal arts education is synthesized: seeking to reduce the division between disciplines, making a contemporary liberal arts education more interdisciplinary and thus more effective.

Siu Challons-Lipton, Faculty Fellow, Professor of Art History and Arts Leadership

Academic Project: Dr. Challons-Lipton will explore creative literacy. Most institutions of higher education teach and assess verbal, quantitative, and information literacy, but little attention is devoted to creative literacy. To address this dearth, she has introduced a class at Queens in Creative Literacy that facilitates the development of skills to become creative thinkers in a Conceptual World. Students are trained in creative literacy, a language that connects cultures and ideas, helping them recognize, interpret, and critically analyze cultural references through the arts. Dr. Challons-Lipton will conduct archival research on the subject, supplemented by interviews, observations, and teaching.

Kira McIntire, Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Biology

Academic Project: Kira McEntire is an assistant professor of biology and joined the Noble Fellowship program in 2021. Kira is studying the impact of disturbance on marbled salamander parental care and nest abandonment. Marbled salamanders will often stay with their nests until the eggs hatch. However, little is known about why some nests get abandoned. Kira is searching for salamander nests to monitor abandonment rates and see if a disturbance is a trigger for abandonment. Kira is continuing this research and expanding to other projects with marbled salamanders.

Jennifer Piazza-Pick, Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Music

Academic Project: As a Noble Fellow, Dr. Piazza-Pick will embark on a project to record a second album that showcases women composers in classical music with her soprano and clarinet duo, Whistling Hens. Whistling Hens is a chamber music ensemble that was founded by Dr. Piazza-Pick and clarinetist Natalie Groom to combat the inequity female composers face in the arts by performing, commissioning, and recording music by women. Women composers are disturbingly underrepresented in programming, unrecorded in professional settings, and unacknowledged on the global stage for their excellence which has led to centuries of economic, academic, and networking disparities compared to their male peers.

Lauren Cassidy ’19
Aaron Houck, Faculty Fellow
Adelina Lipton
Courtney Turner Keaton ’13
Natalia Marino ’16
Ava Marvin ’17
Taylor Leigh Robinson ’20
Chris Rolph ’18
Milan Tomin ’20
Scott Weir, Faculty Fellow
Bob Whalen, Faculty Fellow
William Yates ’14

Jerry & Kathryn Greenhoot, Founding Fellows
Pamela Davies, Founding Fellow
Gaile Greenhoot, Senior Fellow
Hugh McColl, Founding Fellow
Rolfe Neill, Founding Fellow
Tamara Burrell, Senior Fellow
Ben Roberts, Senior Fellow
Cynthia Haldenby Tyson, Senior Fellow

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