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The Queens Path

Think. Learn. Do. Be.

The Queens Path

How does Queens University of Charlotte prepare you for what an uncertain future holds? By teaching you to examine assumptions and become an agile thinker, learn by reflecting on experience, apply insight to real-world challenges, and show up with honor and integrity. Along the Queens Path, we create a learning environment where all Royals—regardless of major—develop five attributes that prepare them to be as engaged and active in their communities as they are in their career.

A suite of core learning experiences along the Queens Path cultivate these five attributes, including a unique and creative General Education program, community-engaged learning in classes, life-changing study abroad experiences with funding provided, internship courses for every student built into the curriculum, and faculty-student mentor relationships.

Your journey along the Queens Path will equip you with the skills and know-how to rise to every occasion. Royals are:

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Honorably Connected

Who we are is every bit as important as what we do. We will seek to foster integrity, compassion, and ethical responsibility in you, and provide opportunities to enact these values. In all that we do, we strive to live by our motto, “Not to be served, but to serve,” and in turn, raise up those around us.

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Intellectually Agile

Whether through our General Education program focused on how you think or through courses in your chosen major, you will be challenged at Queens to think creatively when faced with new situations and ideas, account for and incorporate alternate perspectives, and put together existing ideas in new ways.

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Civically Engaged

Our proximity to everything Charlotte has to offer will provide you with unique opportunities to cultivate a deeper level of civic engagement that prepares you to be more informed, knowledgeable, and an active member of your community.

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Professionally Prepared

With internship opportunities integrated right into the curriculum, you will develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to flourish in professional settings and possess the initiative needed to positively contribute to any environment.

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Globally Informed

By making study abroad opportunities a natural part of the college experience, you can literally rise and shine across the globe—demonstrating the intercultural competence, humility, and confidence necessary to skillfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly connected and diverse world.

Royals Rising

Mona Dougani

Mona Dougani

Becoming a professional journalist seemed like a natural step for Mona Dougani ’22, a communication major who always enjoyed talking with people and sharing their stories.

Dougani benefited from real-world, hands-on experience working for the Queens University News Service, where students produce stories for professional media outlets. Dougani produced several important stories including a story about Afghan refugees living in the Queen City.

Her impressive resume helped Dougani land a job at one of those same Charlotte media outlets, WFAE, where she currently works as an investigative research and reporting fellow.

“Publishing my stories through the Queens University News Service was a unique and impactful experience as an aspiring journalist,” she said. “This partnership not only helped build my resume but also allowed me
to gain real-life reporting experience outside of the classroom.”

Thanks to Queens, Mona Dougani was professionally prepared.

Dabreon Davis

Dabreon Davis

When Dabreon Davis ’23 started his Queens journey, he seemed to naturally make connections across campus. He became a resident assistant. He got involved in the Black Student Union, and with Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement.

These connections led to Dabreon helping organize Barbershop Talks, an event that included free haircuts and important dialogue. Through that experience, he connected with the African American Male Wellness Agency, where he gained valuable skills and knowledge that tied back to his education toward becoming an epidemiologist working on public health policy.

“I feel like the people and connections I’ve made have been monumental to my success at Queens,” Dabreon said. “I try to surround myself with good people and those people are surrounded with good people.”

Thanks to Queens, Dabreon Davis is honorably connected.