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Religious Calendar & Accommodations

Religious Accommodations

If you would like to submit a request for a religious accommodation, please read the following and then submit your request.

Queens University recognizes that nurturing relationships among people of different religious and philosophical worldviews lies at the heart of the transformative educational experience. Accordingly, Queens accommodates student religious observance without discriminating according to specific beliefs.

Since students’ religious observance may conflict with academic responsibilities, Queens University supports reasonable accommodation concerning class attendance, as well as scheduled examinations and other academic deadlines, unless such accommodation would alter the fundamental requirements of the designated course. Faculty are encouraged, as part of their responsibility to students and the University, to support such accommodations for the benefit of holistic student growth, nurturing, and development.  

During the Fall semester of 2023, Queens University is piloting a new procedure for religious accommodation requests. Students are asked to submit requests for religious accommodations through the Office of the Chaplain, through the Spiritual Life website, which will communicate directly to the course instructor. If a class is missed in observance of a specified religious holiday, students are to discuss with their class instructor regarding the make-up of missed work or assignments.

Faculty members are encouraged to work with students to provide reasonable accommodations for student absences, including the following: rescheduling an exam or giving a make-up exam; altering the timing of a student presentation; or allowing an extra credit assignment to substitute for a missed class.

If you have a question about religious accommodations, please contact Chaplain Adrian (

Religious Calendar

The following calendar from Yale University lists many of the religious holidays observed by the Queens community. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list and there may be religious holidays observed by students that are not included on this calendar.