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Diversity in Athletics

Queens’ Athletics is committed to fostering an academic culture that promotes inclusion, diversity, equity and access for students, faculty, staff, and community partners that provides access to our learning community. We believe that this commitment is vital in our quest to “provide transformative educational experiences that nurture intellectual curiosity, promote global understanding, transform students’ lives, and foster personal and professional success.”

We strive to empower students, faculty, staff, and alumni to be authentically engaged citizens on campus, off campus, and around the world. We help bridge the academic and civic missions of the University to live out its motto, “Not to be served, but to serve.” An insightful view of diversity acknowledges that human identities and qualities influence one’s worldview, life choices, and interpersonal relations. Our commitment to living and succeeding in a changing world challenges us to develop cultural humility and find common ground with those unlike ourselves.

Royal Racial Reconciliation Committee (R3C)

In 2020, the coaching staff of Queens University of Charlotte formed the Royals Racial Reconciliation Committee (R3C). The Queens University of Charlotte coaching staff believes it has a responsibility to push back against hate and racial prejudice. It stands alongside those, including many of Queens’ players and colleagues, who for too long have had to fight for equality and justice. This is a time when silent support is not sufficient. R3C condemns racism and bigotry in all its forms, and Queens’ coaching staff pledges to have a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of racism. R3C will do its part to fight the unconscious bias that leads to institutionalized racism.

R3C’s Action Plan

  • Recruit and retain socially conscious and diverse students and staff and make this quantifiable.
  • Encourage and help the University to become a more diverse place to work and go to school.
  • Use our voice to help improve minority representation among our faculty and staff.
  • Empower our student-athletes to use their voice to recognize, address and change unconscious bias, bigotry, and institutionalized racism.
  • Purchase from and support black-owned businesses in our community.
  • Create community service programs that help close the educational gap for the minority children in our community.

Diversity & Inclusion Award Honorable Mention

In 2020, Queens received honorable mention for the NCAA and Minority Opportunities Athletic Association’s Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

The award recognizes and celebrates the initiatives, policies, and practices of colleges and universities or athletics conferences that embrace diversity and inclusion across intercollegiate athletics and higher education. Awarded schools are honored for their commitment to inclusion, diversity, community outreach, professional development, hiring practices, and programming activities as they relate to efforts that enhance the experiences and opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.