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Equity & Inclusion Innovation Mini-Grants

In continuing our efforts to become a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and furthering the goals and objectives of the DEI Plan, the Office of DEI has created Equity and Inclusion Mini-Grants to help support and enhance the efforts of our Queens community.

The Mini-Grant program is designed to offer financial seed money to enhance or strengthen initiatives, projects, or programs that further the goals and objectives of the DEI Plan. Applications submitted for the mini-grant program should reflect one of the five goals and corresponding objectives of the DEI Plan.

Faculty, staff, and student organizations are invited to apply for the grants. We strongly encourage efforts that are interdisciplinary, multi-departmental/divisional, or that involve collaborations with students, faculty, and staff.  Students must partner with a department or office to receive the funds. 


  • Five (5) awards of up to $1500 each are available each year, collaborative projects may request up to $2000.
  • More awards could be awarded if requested grants are awarded under maximum amounts.

Project Examples

  • Faculty or staff training focused on a particular area of DEI
  • Guest speaker honorarium or travel
  • Conference or institute attendance that builds skills in an area with plans of impact back to campus 
  • Launching a new co-curricular program or series for students 
  • Campus-based conferences or symposiums 
  • Seed money for technology that promotes DEI plan elements 
  • Engaging alumni in efforts to support inclusion 


  • Equity and inclusion-focused initiatives, projects, or programs must align with one of the seven goals and corresponding objectives of the DEI plan.  
  • Must positively contribute to the climate at Queens.
  • Funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year 22-23 (June 30, 2023). It cannot be rolled over. 
  • Funding for initiatives, projects, or programs is not intended to be used exclusively for food or refreshments. Only a small percentage of the grant, at the discretion of the AVP of DEI, may be used for that purpose. 
  • The grant cannot be used for full-time personnel time or retroactive funding. Stipends may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Emphasis will be given to requests that demonstrate long-term learning and impact on our community, and support retention and development of our staff and faculty in relation to our DEI plan. 
  • A final report of project outcomes will be required by June 30, 2023, to be submitted to the AVP for DEI. 


Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis in the academic year 2022-23. 


The application must be completed online using our form. Please do not send an email. Bullet points are encouraged. The following information will be documented in the form.

  • Title/Working Title of Project, Initiative, or Program 
  • Project Leaders/Collaborating Departments Contact Information 
  • Description of Project, Initiative, or Program
  • Alignment of Project, Initiative, or Program with DEI Plan (Specifically Map to Plan Goal/Objective) – multiple choice with a brief explanation 
  • Target Audience – who will receive the project and who will it impact? 
  • Key Learning or Performance Outcomes (measurable) – at least 1, up to 4 
  • How will you measure Outcomes & Define Success or How Attendance Will Impact Campus if the Conference or Institute after Attendance? (brief explanation –  bullet points encouraged) 
  • Project Timeline – detail the timeline of the project from planning to conclusion
  • Itemized List and Rationale of Expenses (link if available) 
  • Total Cost Requested from Mini-Grant 


Please contact Kathryn Smith, Director of Title IX and Equity Services.