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Peer Tutoring & Writing Support

The Peer Tutoring & Writing Support program in the Center for Student Success supports undergraduate students through a collaborative learning model. This model invites students to work directly with peers who have succeeded as Queens students. Peer educators are trained to work with students in a variety of ways that support learning for both students and tutors. Tutoring services are free and easily accessible. Come visit us in Knight-Crane Hall!

Types of Peer Tutoring Support

Subject Tutoring

Some classes are just tough because they require a new vocabulary or involve complicated theories. Our subject tutors can help support you – especially in subjects that need practice and feedback such as math, chemistry, or world languages.

Additionally, we help with courses that introduce lots of memorization such as biology or nursing.

The Tutoring Center offers two types of appointments: in-person and online.

The Writing Center

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you struggle with getting the ideas on paper. Or you get the ideas on paper, but they don’t translate to your reader. Maybe you want to develop your ideas more. Or you need someone to explain a new citation style to you. Writing consultants are trained to work with you at any stage of the composing process. We work with graduate students as well.

Also, we can give feedback on presentations or help you brainstorm.

The Writing Center offers three types of appointments: in-person, online, or written feedback.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

There are some courses where students might need specific support with the course material, such as chemistry or accounting. Some of our courses offer supplemental instruction, which is where an SI leader sits in your class and then runs separate study sessions to help you develop strong general education skills. From note-taking to refreshers on general math concepts, SI Leaders are students who successfully completed these courses and can help you be successful too.

Contact Us

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