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Thrive Institute

Thrive Institute is a summer bridge program offered by invitation to first-time, full-time students seeking a college degree. Its purpose is to support historically marginalized student populations in their transition to college life.

Students live on campus for a week and participate in academic, social, and team-building exercises and workshops. With the guidance of peer and faculty mentors, they create an academic success plan and become familiar with the many resources and activities available to them at Queens.

Students selected to attend Thrive Institute have one or more of the following in common:

  • Financially fragile
  • First-generation college student
  • Racial or ethnic minority

Session Examples

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn…

  • Financial Literacy – the ability to make wise decisions with your money.
  • StrengthsFinder – a quiz that can help you thrive academically, socially, and in future careers.
  • Advising 101 – helping you choose a major or field of study.
  • Vision Board Session – a collage of images and words representing your wishes or goals to inspire and motivate you.

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