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Dining on Campus

From a coffee shop to a dining hall, we’ve got your food options covered. You’ll never go hungry at Queens. To find out more details, including menus and hours, visit the Dine On Campus website.

Dining Options

Whether you’re in the mood for food that’s healthy or not, meaty or vegetarian, or if you just need a Starbucks fix – you’ll find something you like.

Located on the first floor of the Trexler Student Center is our ‘all you care to eat’ dining facility, where you will find six different stations to satisfy any craving.

Fresh Market – Customize your meal with a variety of choices, ranging from soup, salad and fresh fruit ready for self-service at all times.

Baker’s Crust – You’ll be tempted by our homemade cakes, cookies, brownies, parfaits and more.

The Kitchen – From appetizing aromas to the sizzle of a hot pan, our kitchen features recipes that fit any lifestyle with vegan and vegetarian options. The Kitchen boasts a vegan and vegetarian area, an action station where our cooks customize your dish to your request and a homestyle area.

Hearth Stone Oven – Up for Italian? Come here for pizzas, pasta, calzones, baked casseroles and more.

The Grill – The Grill offers a different item each meal period, ranging from the classic burger and fries, to fish and chips.

Avoiding Gluten – If you are avoiding gluten, we have you covered from cereals to waffles and bread. We also offer hot entrée items to help meet your needs.

myPantry – From cereals, waffles and juices, you can reach into our modern community kitchen to prepare your own specialized dish.

MecklenBurger – The MecklenBurger offers a range of diner foods ranging from cheeseburgers to chicken tenders. If you are in the mood for a burger and a chocolate milkshake, stop by the MecklenBurger!

Miss Betty’s Market – Our market named after our very own, Miss Betty, offers hand-crafted sandwiches, soups and salads. The Market also offers sushi and your favorite snacks!

Located in the Levine Center, come and enjoy your favorite fresh bagel and schmear, delicious sandwiches or simply a latte!

The Coffee House, located in Everett Library, offers Starbucks hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as freshly made sandwiches and wraps, salads, fruit cups, pastries, smoothies, sushi and much more!

Resident Meal Plan Options (2024-25)

There are 21 meals served in the dining hall per week (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day).

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Unlimited Meal Plan*

Includes five exchange meals** per week in Queens retail locations and $145 Lions Dollars per semester

$6,900 per year, $3,450 per semester

17 Meals Per Week

Includes $280 in Lion Dollars per semester

$6,050 per year, $3,025 per semester

12 Meals Per Week

Includes $305 in Lion Dollars per semester

$5,400 per year $2,700 per semester

7 Meals Per Week (Only available to juniors and seniors)

Includes $370 in Lion Dollars per semester

$3,700 per year $1,850 per semester

The unlimited meal plan means that you can eat in the dining hall whenever and as many times you want. For example, you could eat a late breakfast during the official “lunch” time and still come in for a later lunch during the same “lunch” time.

A meal exchange means that you can apply the cost of a particular meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner) to a purchase made at an on-campus dining facility like Einstein’s or the Coffee House for up to five purchases a week.

Lion Dollars are similar to a debit account and can be used at any dining location on campus. Each time you make a purchase with your student ID card using Lion Dollars, the amount is automatically deducted from your account. Lion Dollars attached to meal plans expire each semester. However, additional Lion Dollars, that never expire as long as you are a registered student at Queens, can be purchased any time by visiting the Dine on Campus office or by contacting Dining Services (704-688-2824).

Commuter Meal Plan Rates


10 Meals  –  $121.04

25 Meals  –  $272.53

50 Meals  –  $515.38

75 Meals  – $737.29

100 Meals – $847.55

More Information

For more information about our dining options, please contact Dining Services at 704-688-2824.