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Meet the Team

Welcome to the Office of Student Engagement

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving and inclusive college experience. We have dynamic student organizations, leadership development initiatives, and incredible campus traditions designed to foster connections and personal growth. Whether you’re seeking to lead, collaborate, or make lifelong friends, the Office of Student Engagement is here to enrich your journey and ensure that your time on campus is remarkable.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team, who work tirelessly to create an environment where students can explore their passions, connect with peers, and unlock their full potential.

Anita McGill – Assistant Dean, Student Engagement

Anita firmly believes in the transformative power of co-curricular involvement in shaping the college journey. Throughout her career in higher education, she has passionately worked towards helping students grow, develop, and thrive while enhancing their resumes, nurturing essential soft skills, and forging enduring friendships through meaningful experiences. She earned her master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kentucky and has 13 years of rich experience in student engagement. Personally, Anita is very proud of her family. Her husband, John, specializes in emotional intelligence coaching; her daughter, Rachel, works at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte; her daughter, Jaya, is pursuing her engineering at Anderson University; and her son, Isaac, is a first-year student at the University of Tulsa.

Jo Mercado – Associate Director, Student Engagement

Jo is a first-generation latina/e/x higher ed professional who is passionate about student development and the co-curricular experience. Jo has been passionate about serving the Queens community since graduating in 2019. After graduating with her master’s degree from Western Carolina University, she came back to Queens to work with clubs and organizations and leadership development.

Alexa Conway – Assistant Director for Student Engagement

Dedicated to creating engaging, impactful, and intentional spaces for students, Alexa has a true passion for working with college students. As a recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a master’s degree in social work, Alexa holds a strong commitment to providing support to her students that enhances their college experience, advocates for their needs, and empowers them to become leaders. As the Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Alexa is so excited to help students learn more about the greater Charlotte community and to bring their learning outside the classroom.

Maddie Poirier – Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Maddie is a student affairs professional with a passion for student advocacy and success, student involvement, and leadership development. A graduate of Elon University, Maddie has been involved in Fraternity and Sorority life as an undergraduate and beyond, having stepped into the advisor role for Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity shortly after graduating. She values the personal and professional growth opportunities provided by Fraternity and Sorority Life and is eager to support a thriving community on Queens Campus to continue to foster those opportunities.

Lance Sotelo – Graduate Assistant, Student Engagement

Lance is a recent graduate of Queens University of Charlotte and is now returning to earn his MBA to accompany his bachelor’s in marketing. Lance grew up in Dalton, Georgia and it was there that he developed a passion for running. As a freshman in high school, Lance joined the cross country and track team which eventually led him to commit to Queens University to continue his passion. While at Queens, Lance decided to get involved in a few organizations. However, in his last year at Queens he got involved in many different ways. One way he got involved was as an RA for Belk resident hall, he also served on a DEI athletic leadership committee. Lance also served as the Student Body President at Queens University which led him to take even more interest in student engagement. Through holding multiple leadership roles on campus, Lance was able to acquire a graduate assistantship with student engagement and enjoys working with his team while also still being a part of the Queens community.

Adam Holomoucky – Graduate Assistant for Student Engagement

Adam Holomoucky is an international student-athlete at Queens University of Charlotte. He earned his MA in Communication in May and is currently pursuing an MBA. Adam is a valuable member of the triathlon team, contributing to the team’s success with two National titles in the past two years. Hailing from the Czech Republic (Czechia), he brings a diverse perspective to the university community. In his role as a Graduate Assistant, Adam’s primary goal is to support clubs and organizations at Queens University of Charlotte. He provides guidance and assistance to the Student Government Association (SGA) and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). His responsibilities also include improving online training resources and offering effective leadership to student organizations. Adam places a high priority on community development as part of his duties.