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Financial Aid FAQs

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Grants and scholarships are gifts offered by schools as well as the federal and state government that do not have to be repaid. For this reason, they are the first aid to consider as you begin researching what you might qualify for. The spectrum is broad and funds are awarded in many ways for a variety of accomplishments.

Merit or talent-based scholarships are given to students regardless of their financial circumstances. Merit and talent awards are typically the first type of aid one receives. The amount will vary and can cover up to the cost of attendance. These gifts are presented for academic or athletic success, community service or program-specific excellence. Grants may come from the school or another outside organization.

Need-based grant aid is determined by a student and their family’s financial situation. Some schools require additional applications for need-based financial aid. Queens only requires the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and in a few circumstances, a family resources worksheet.

Pell Grants – These grants are assigned to students working on their first undergraduate degree. The amount is determined by the Department of Education each year and is dependent upon a student’s estimated family contribution (EFC).

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program (FSEOG) – FSEOG grants are awarded to students with exceptional financial need. Priority is given to Pell Grant recipients. The award amount is based on need and available funds.

North Carolina Need-Based Scholarships – These scholarships are awarded to state residents enrolling in an independent college in North Carolina, like Queens. The amount is determined by the Department of Education each year and is dependent upon a student’s estimated family contribution (EFC).

Institutional Need-Based Grants – After all other grants have been awarded, these grants are awarded by the college or university to help offset the student’s remaining financial need.

Outside Scholarships – This type of need-based aid comes from other sources like civic groups, businesses, foundations, churches, synagogues and other religious organizations. Some schools will reduce institutional need‑based aid as a result of outside scholarships; make sure to ask. Queens adds these scholarships on top of all other grant and scholarship aid.

Loans are another way to invest in your education. Many have low interest rates which make them appealing – but make sure you understand the payment terms. These funds come from the federal government as well as private lenders. All federal loans are administered by the Department of Education directly through the student’s school.

Federal work-study offers part-time employment for eligible students who need supplemental income during college. Students get resume boosting experience while getting paid for meaningful work. Typically, those with the greatest need get priority. These funds do not have to be repaid.

While we do offer some business school fellowships, most graduate students depend upon loans for their financial aid package.

Mail the outside scholarship check to:

Queens University of Charlotte
Student Financial Services
1900 Selwyn Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28274

Payments & Payment Plans

For questions regarding payments and payment plans, please visit our Student Accounts FAQs.