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Highlights From the Winter Issue

Pamela Davies
A Strategic Vision
For nearly two decades, President Pamela Davies has led with purpose. Now, she prepares to pass the reins to a new president. Queens has undergone significant changes under President Davies’ leadership; her tireless vision has touched every aspect of the student experience. From new buildings to new sports teams, from new graduate programs to new scholarships, the profile of the university has risen.
Democratic donkey and Republican Elephant
The Scientific Approach
In an age of political rancor, Professor Aaron Houck teaches students to question their assumptions. As politics have become more polarized, he explains, it’s becoming harder to discuss current events with students. They often depend on information from flawed studies or political commentators who start with a conclusion and then look for evidence to support it.
Morrison Hall with a full moon
Ghosts and Legends
Of course Queens has ghost stories. It was founded 162 years ago, four years before the outbreak of the Civil War. That’s a lot of time for spirits and stories to accumulate. College campuses are ideal spots for these kinds of legends. At Queens, the stately brick buildings themselves suggest the passage of generations, and what residue the generations may have left behind.

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