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All businesses, no matter the size, are realizing the importance of cybersecurity and mitigating risks that can lead to data leaks or breaches. As reliance on technology continues to increase and cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, organizations need qualified cybersecurity leaders to manage and protect their information infrastructure.

Through a partnership with the University of Dallas Gupta School of Business, Queens McColl School of Business students have the unique opportunity to connect directly with cybersecurity leaders in Charlotte and learn from highly qualified cybersecurity professors in a nationally recognized program. Since 2003, the University of Dallas has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.    


The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management is a 15-credit-hour graduate certificate that can be completed 100% online or through a combination of on campus and online courses.

Required Courses:

  • MBA 655 Management of Information Systems
  • MBA 650 Operations Management or MBA 620 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 656 Data Protection
  • MBA 657 Compliance and Legal Issues

Plus choose one of the following courses:

  • MBA 658 Operational Cybersecurity Management
  • MBA 659 Network Security


The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management can be pursued as a stand-alone certificate or a concentration in the Flexible MBA program. Contact mccollschool@queens.edu to learn more about the concentration.

Course Descriptions

MBA 650 Operations Management

This course explores the relationship between operating systems of the organization and the marketing, financial and human resource systems. Tactical day-to-day operating decisions and long-range strategic decisions are covered and discussed. The student will learn strategies and methods that will assist in discerning how productive entities work and ways to improve performance. Prerequisite: None. 3 hrs. 

MBA 655 Management Information Systems

This course examines how information systems are developed and used in organizations to achieve business success and competitive advantage. Emphasis is placed on information technology as an enabler to support business strategy, define business models and provide for more efficient operations in both domestic and global business environments. Prerequisite: None. 3 hrs.

MBA 620 Organizational Behavior

This course provides an overview of topics and concepts in the field of Organizational Behavior. Emphasis is on developing a theoretical grasp of issues and problems and an understanding of practical implications of various theories of human behavior at work. Specific topics include leadership, motivation, teamwork, career issues, work roles, job enrichment, and employee participation activities necessary to generate goods and services in profit and non-profit organizations. Prerequisite: None. 3 hrs.

MBA 656 Data Protection

Provides a working knowledge of fundamental data protection techniques for protecting data at rest, data in motion, and data in processing. Techniques include encryption algorithms and systems (symmetric, asymmetric, standard, digital certificates, and hashes), Steganography, data masking, and data obfuscation. Examines access controls, availability, authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and non-repudiation as well as defenses against DDOS and other data attacks. Security by diversity and security in depth are presented as fundamental requirements. Prerequisite: MBA 655. 3 hrs.

MBA 657 Compliance and Legal Issues

Examines legal, privacy, and compliance environments facing organizations globally. Students build an understanding of the complexities of security, compliance and legal obligations starting with a general foundation of laws and industry standards that apply across most organizations that handle sensitive data. Examination of industry verticals expand students’ knowledge of particular federal and state regulatory and industry-based obligations. It also examines how security and compliance obligations can be used to establish the security, compliance, and risk management programs for an enterprise. Prerequisite: MBA 655. 3 hrs.

MBA 658 Operational Cybersecurity Management

Focuses on developing skills relative to an understanding of the business risks that exist when proper cybersecurity access controls are not effectively implemented.  Students will study breach cases and have the opportunity to interface with security experts to gain an in-depth understanding of current risks, threats, and vulnerabilities organizations face.  Lab simulations will be completed and each lab will be analyzed for its meaning and purpose in increasing security knowledge. Students will create a cybersecurity breach report and as a team project create an access control plan with recommendations for overcoming or minimizing cyber breach situations through the use of proper controls, the control framework, lab experiences, and other resources explored in the course. Prerequisite: MBA 656. 3 hrs.

MBA 659 Network Security

In-depth understanding of penetration (pen) testing and "ethical hacking", including requirements and reporting. Examination of the business impact of testing and will conduct security testing (including network and web application penetration testing) in the lab environment including: intelligence gathering, identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, conducting post-exploitation exercises, and reporting results. Students are required to create a comprehensive report summarizing the findings including recommendations to mitigate the risks identified. Topics will include social engineering, web application testing, managing a security test, and tools of attack. Prerequisite: MBA 656. 3 hrs.

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